Welcome to Baguettes and Vegemite!

In a move critics (friends and family) have called "romantic", "crazy", "awesome" and "ridiculous", at the age of 26 I decided to move from Perth, Western Australia, to France. With little more than two suitcases and the attitude of "If you move home in two weeks it's going to be really embarrassing", I've found a job, an apartment, a cat called Garbage, and very very gradually I'm feeling more at home in this beautiful city.

Before I came here, I was working as a primary school relief teacher, and before that I worked in retail and as a journalist, and I blogged at Gin in a Teacup. After going back and forth on whether to ressurect that blog, I decided to start Baguettes and Vegemite to remember my adventures and experiences in Paris. I hope you enjoy reading them!